Choose A Machine, Quality Is Important

If you pursue the quality, the precision of the parts, the service life of the machine. Then our machine will be your best choice.

Turning and Milling Machine Series

Factory Scale

  • Dongguan Precision Equipment help you discover Top-Quality CNC Lathes Straight from the Factory.The company is located in Guangdong Province, which is also the gathering place of domestic machinery industry. Goods adhere to the concept of durable, easy to use, simple production.

  • The domestic market has more than a dozen stable customer resources over time. Foreign countries have rich experience in foreign trade, this year opened the Ministry of Foreign Trade, and more international business buyers to reach close cooperation.

  • In 2023, the company's annual sales have reached 20 million yuan, of which foreign trade business accounts for 30%. Finally, given the information from the market, our company decided to open foreign trade business and set up a foreign trade department. Specialized in exporting our equipment.

  • We will focus on the construction and development of foreign trade business in 2024. Strive to achieve the target of exporting 50 machines this year. Let the foreign market become our main market.